September 7 and Summer Catch Up

well, it’s been a while since I posted. In early summer we had a little meeting where the girls played with fondant decorations and we had appletini cupcakes. Also some glazed chocolate cupcakes. The pictures were a little fuzzy so I won’t post them.

Then a week ago, we had our first fall Sunday meeting. I forgot to take pictures but we had rootbeer float cupcakes and beach cupcakes.

Now we are on the fall 1st and 3rd Sunday schedule. Today we had dirt cake -

Dirt Cake, with worms and caterpillers

the caterpillars are beads that we will turn into charms. I salvaged Sammay’s. And saved some for Pixie who wasn’t here today.

The second kind was pistachio cupcakes, at Platypus’s request.

Pistachio Cupcakes

She provided the Ratatouille Cupcake Flags, I provided the Zoo Pals

Zoo Pal plates, too

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