Two new cupcakes - my choice - root beer float (root beer flavored white cupcakes with a root beer glaze, topped with our favorite marshmallow icing and fast food charms. And the monkeys came all out for banana cupcakes, filled with banana whipped cream and topped with banana butter cream Tiny banana cupcakes dipped in a semi-sweet chocolate ganache, and decorated in a variety of ways, completed the array.

4 Responses to “5-29-08”

  1. Wiki Says:

    Loved the banana buttercream- OK, I just ate the frosting, nothing wrong with buttercream (any flavor, not just banana) as a food group. In fact, I think buttercream is the foundation of the food pyramid- I feel sorry for those poor fools who think it should be exalted on the top of the pyramid. My advice- eat it in the morning for breakfast, as a mid-morning snack for energy, and of course, enjoy it with your lunch. To fill out proper nutritional needs throughout the day, have a cup or two of buttercream for an mid-afternoon pick me up, and finally, have it for dinner, with a salad for fiber! Now if you will all join me in a quick tribute to …Frosting!

  2. admin Says:

    Funny! I was just telling the girls yesterday that some cupcake stores now sell shots of icing!

  3. Wiki Says:

    Can’t type now, I’m a little amped out after finishing the tub filled with frosting….. I think I need a tee-shirt bedazzled not with the typical crystals, but with—-Wait for it—— FROSTING!

    Gotta go, haven’t tried the bubble gum flavored frosting yet.

  4. Whitewash Says:

    Yummmy I loved the root beer cupcakes and the after watching the third Indiana Jones the monkey heads did look funny…. KEELLLLYYYY MMMAAAAA
    In New York I bought a syrienge filled with chocolate it was a runny frosting you shot into your mouth no needle involved but boy they looked at me funny when I went through the airport security.

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